The $16 Trillion Dollar Question: This is Why We’re Poor

How did it become necessary for Mom and Dad to both work to make ends meet?

The reality is that prices haven’t really moved, but wages for basic labor have fallen by over two thirds since 1960. If we still used the old silver dimes, quarters and dollars, this is what prices would look like today (every dollar of old silver coinage contains $24 worth of silver in todays money).

Here’s how the price of a nice suit has changed since 1960, in terms of old-school silver dollars (not at all).

Inflation clothing

Here’s how gas prices have “skyrocketed”. It looks like the problem is with the dollars, not with the gas.

Inflation gas

Looks like housing prices are still the same. I’d love to see 10,000 real silver dollars, too.

Inflation Housing

And the truth comes out. You have to work more than three times as hard to get the same amount of “coin” these days.

Inflation minimum wage coins

How did this happen? We lost sight of how we got rich in the first place, and legislated ourselves into poverty. 50 years of mismanagement has gradually eroded the American way of life. It may seem unbelievable, but just compare North and South Korea.

Wealth is freedom, and freedom is wealth.

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  1. Good luck! I’ve been trying to tell people this for years. Most people still think our money is backed by silver/gold. It’s hopeless.

    • Interesting that central banks have done nothing to dissuade anyone of this, even to the point of hanging on to their gold reserves. These gold reserves being the central bank equivalent of truck nuts: no function other than winning a pissing contest.

      • Truck nuts! LOL!

        Oh, it has a function…

        Parachute material!

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